SCHOTT AMIRAN ® – anti-reflective glass

Low in reflection, neutral in color, nearly invisible

SCHOTT AMIRAN ® anti-reflective glass for showcases offers crystal clear transparency, even with a significant difference in the amount of light in front of and behind the pane. It reduces reflections to just a fraction of those seen with conventional glass. This makes AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass the material of choice for showcases.



  • SCHOTT AMIRAN ® – the invisible glass
  • AMIRAN® is unique due to its unrivalled mechanical and chemical strength and its robustness
  • AMIRAN® is an established and strong premium brand in the market
  • AMIRAN® is outstanding due to its overall performance combined with superior services
  • certain processing options possible
  • best anti-reflective glass for bent applications

SCHOTT AMIRAN ®  Anti-Reflective Glass for Showcases is unique due to …

   Transparency …

  • extremely high transmission – no visible reflection (1%, instead of 8% with float glass)
  • reduction of unwanted reflection to provide perfect view through glass – especially in complex lighting conditions
  • high Color Rendering Index for crystal clear transparency
  • ability to photograph through SCHOTT AMIRAN®

    Security …

  • also available as security glass and anti-vandalism glass (up to P6B, P8B)
  • very thin certified configurations possible

   Quality …

  • best available anti-reflective coating
  • easy handling for processors:
    • highly scratch-resistant
    • easier to clean and easier to temper than sputter-coated products
    • best bendable product on market
  • long durability for end users
    • easy to clean
  • according to end applications SCHOTT offers AMIRAN® with specific coating characteristics (best performance for non-tempered, tempered, bent applications)


These anti-reflective characteristics are made possible by the sol-gel dipping process developed by SCHOTT. The glass is dipped in different metal oxide solutions.

Once dipped, the metal oxide coating layers are burned in at 450° C to 500° C. The oxidic layers produce interference that actually helps prevent annoying reflections. These layers are actually much purer and especially mechanically and chemically more stable than those processed with conventional PVD techniques (such as vapor deposition or sputtering, for example).

SCHOTT AMIRAN ® is technically superior due to:

  • 1% luminous reflectance (monolithic glass pane)
  • best possible color stability with change in viewing angle
  • extremely durable coating
  • clear and neutral
  • 99% UV protection for laminated glass with PVB foil
  • several processing options
    • thermally toughened safety glass
    • laminated safety glass
    • bendable
    • printing
    • multiple edge processing
    • drilling
    • etc.

The invisible glass for showcases – with advanced security

By using special safety films SCHOTT AMIRAN®, the anti-reflective glass for showcases is as well available for various certifies security classes.

In addition to small, less visually disturbing safety constructions with reduced weight certified constructions for various safety classes can be offered:

  • P4A
  • P6B
  • P8B

Durable and easy to keep clean
The process results in excellent optical qualities and is what makes AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass so incredibly durable. The coating resists both scratching and chemicals, making AMIRAN® easy to clean with appropriate commercially available glass cleaners. Please refer to cleaning instructions No. 2001 and processing instructions No. 2003.

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