SCHOTT MIRONA ® – semi-transparent mirrored glass

When the space behind the glass is dark, SCHOTT MIRONA ® glass is an elegant mirror. Light transforms it into a transparent window – a surprising phenomenon that enables sophisticated staging of spaces and objects. It’s an amazing effect, and unlike switchable glass products, this effect results solely from the coatings of MIRONA® glass. The brightness behind the glass determines if MIRONA is a mirror or a transparent window.



  • SCHOTT MIRONA® is unique due to its combination of specific reflection and transmission
  • transparent glass and mirror
  • typical applications are display covers, furniture installations, information pods
  • five different variations available
    • MIRONA® Standard
    • MIRONA® Beamsplitter
    • MIRONA® High Reflective
    • MIRONA® High Reflective Grey
    • MIRONA® High Reflective One Side Coated

SCHOTT MIRONA ®– semi-transparent mirrored glass is unique due to …

Design …

  • unique combination of specific level of reflection and transmission
  • the new and surprising enhanced interior design options offered by SCHOTT MIRONA®
  • the fact that SCHOTT MIRONA® includes two opposite functions in just one layer of glass


  • highly chemically resistant coating with an option for tempering (SCHOTT MIRONA® Standard)
  • highly resistant to abrasion
  • long durability for end users
  • easy to clean


The special MIRONA ® characteristics are made possible by the sol-gel dipping process developed by SCHOTT. The glass is dipped in different metal oxide solutions.

Once dipped, the metal oxide coating layers are burned in at 450° C to 500° C. The oxidic layers produce interference that actually helps prevent annoying reflections. These layers are actually much purer and especially mechanically and chemically more stable than those processed with conventional PVD techniques (such as vapor deposition or sputtering, for example).

MIRONA® dimensions and thicknesses

Standard sheet dimension net (min.)

  • 1,770 x 1,220 mm
  • 3,180 x 1,770 mm

Standard thickess

  • 4 mm
  • 6 mm

Thanks to the new MIRONA® glass product family, we have been able to combine two functions that traditionally juxtapose one another – reflection and transmission. This is made possible by the special Sol-Gel-Dipping procedure that SCHOTT has developed: The glass is initially dipped in various metal-oxide solutions and then subsequently burned together. The surface resulting from this process creates a very striking effect – when the space behind the glass is dark, SCHOTT MIRONA® glass is an elegant mirror. Light transforms it into a transparent window. This principle sets SCHOTT MIRONA® fundamentally apart from switchable glass products.

The strength of the light and the ratio between the light sources both behind and in front of the pane determine the ultimate functionality of the glass.

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