SCHOTT RIVULETTA ® – decorative glass with fluted structure

SCHOTT RIVULETTA ® decorative glass with fluted structure is crafted from SCHOTT’s exceptionally clear low-iron glass. The smooth flowing vertical pattern evokes the image of clear flowing streams of water. While its unmatched clarity beautifully complements any room, RIVULETTA® decorative glass with fluted structure creates a distinctive effect as light dances from flute to flute.
SCHOTT RIVULETTA ® provides an elegant combination of visibility and privacy – ideal for timeless interiors seeking to unite the spaciousness of open room design with a sense of privacy.

Timeless design
Straight and purist in form, elegant in its look and feel: thin, parallel flutes running along one side give RIVULETTA ® its timeless, classical beauty. A design which is wholly created from the material itself. The opposite side is unstructured.


  • SCHOTT RIVULETTA® is made from extra-clear low-iron glass
  • RIVULETTA® has a fire-polished surface
  • wide rage of processing options

SCHOTT RIVULETTA ® – decorative glass with fluted structure is unique due to …

  • fluted and fire-polished surface
  • colorless and clear
  • various applications
  • easy to clean
  • diverse processing options (such as tempered safety glass, laminated glass or as insulating glass)

Area of applications by SCHOTT Architecture:

RIVULETTA ® has many different uses: in cabinetry; as a shower door partition; as a door; or, thanks to its sophisticated light refractions, as a discrete screen or room divider in offices and conference rooms as well as residences.
Like normal flat glass, RIVULETTA ® can also be processed to create laminated glass or insulating glass. In thickness 4 mm or greater, it can be thermally tempered. This opens up innovative design possibilities for many architectural applications.

RIVULETTA® is produced in the Fourcault process, the first fully mechanised process for the continual manufacture of sheet glass with its first industrial plants in 1914.
Hereby, molten glass is drawn through the Fourcault nozzle that produces the distinctive appearance of machine-drawn glass with a certain thickness tolerance and wavy surface.

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