Balustrades made of toughened glass Optiwhite, LED illuminated. The space under the stairs is covered with varnished glass in the color selected by the customer.

Project for the Poznań City Hall. Construction of 6 glass plaques as a continuation of the project of two famous art professors in Poznań. About 360 different pieces of 19mm glass, sandblasted and all in a special steel construction, UV glued together. It was not easy because the prototype was created several years ago, but we managed!

Glass building of the VIP zone in one of the clubs in Poznań. Laminated and tempered glass in aluminum profiles.

Glass floor as part of the investment. Tempered and laminated glass on a steel structure in a color selected by the Investor.

Implementation for a private client. On Optiwhite 4mm shower walls, tempered and painted White 9003.

Glass floor in the Cathedral in Kalisz on a specially prepared steel structure, powder coated in anthracite. Laminated and toughened glass. The whole “open pit” illuminated with LED.

Glazing in the corridors of the Monastery in Gniezno. 12mm toughened glass with a set of dedicated fittings.

Railings in the church in Gniezno. Laminated and toughened glass. Stainless steel handrails made especially for this project.

Glass canopies in anthracite for a housing estate near Poznań. Laminated and tempered glass on two graphite antisoles (tinted glass). Partial translucency. Adaptation of glass to the house design and facade color.

Glass canopies and basement roofing in one of Poznań tenement houses. Tempered and laminated glass.

Realization of swing doors in one of the apartments in the center. Frame and aluminum profiles, color-matched for the investment. 10mm satin / decormat toughened glass. The intention was to illuminate the bathroom while maintaining the intimacy and comfort of the user.

Realization of glass canopies for one of the banks in Greater Poland. Laminated and tempered glass with a black foil inside (non-transparent).

Tempered glass balustrade in one of the private investments.

Office glazing system in one of the companies in Poznań. Tempered glass and aluminum profile system. Special frames ensure the discretion of people working inside.

Glazing with muntins. Steel structure, made to order, powder coated in the selected color. There are reinforced glass forms embedded inside.

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