In our offer you will find various types of architectural glasses SCHOTT AG.


A mirror that becomes a picture.


When the space behind the glass is dark, SCHOTT MIRONA is an elegant mirror (various shades). Light transforms it into a transparent window – a surprising phenomenon that enables advanced staging of space and objects (mirror image). This effect is due solely to the MIRONA glass coating. Used for three-dimensional images (holograms).


Thickness 4mm, 6mm

SCHOTT AMIRAN – anti-reflective glass. Low reflection, neutral color, almost invisible.


SCHOTT AMIRAN anti-reflective glass for crystal clear, even with significant difference in front and rear light. Reduces reflections to just a fraction of those seen with conventional glass. This makes AMIRAN often chosen for showrooms, museums, glass showcases, VIP showrooms at stadiums, panoramic restaurants, television studios and recording studios.
Thickness from 4mm to 12mm



Historical figure, innovative function


Restoration of monuments is a delicate task in which each aesthetic nuance is very important. SCHOTT Glass Restorations provide a wide range of opportunities for architects and conservators of monuments. Manufactured using the traditional method – towed glass. Because of the variety of glass structure – wide use in the renovation of buildings of various epochs.


Thickness from 2.75mm to 4mm



Glass completely transparent, anti-reflective.


Completely transparent. It is available in two versions: MIROGARD Plus and MIROGARD Protect, which also has increased UV protection. This minimizes reflexes to less than 1% and provides an image that is consistent with the original. Perfect invisible protection – for old masters and young talents. Used in museums, photo galleries, etc.


Thickness: from 2mm to 8.2 mm



Elegant, sophisticated and distinctive

Transparency of another kind: Thanks to the special surface texture, colorless Glass (white)

SCHOTT RIVULETTA allows for an elegant combination of vision and privacy, just perfect for modern interiors that combine the interior with a sense of privacy.

Thickness from 4mm to 6mm


Inspirational, glamorous and elegant.

Inside or out, SCHOTT NARIMA gives you amazing visual effects and attracts people’s attention. This glass produces great color effects in six different variants and makes it an ideal material for architects, artists and designers to create vibrant color accents.

Thickness from 4mm to 8mm.

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